Scott Johnson’s Tumble and Gymnastics Academy offers an exciting tumbling training program.  Developed by Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Team Captain Scott Johnson, each program is designed to provide the highest level of quality in training to each student.  From beginners to advanced athletes, our programs focus on proper skill technique to insure positive progression and safety.   Our philosophy in training young athletes is to build high self-esteem in a positive, friendly, and exciting environment


Tiny Tumblers (3 - 4 yrs)


The Tiny Tumbler and program is designed to introduce the basic elements of gymnastics movements and body positions.  Each student will gain body awareness as they learn basic tumbling and gymnastics skills on the floor, bars, balance beams, and trampoline.  Each class will begin with a warm-up and stretch period followed by skills that focus on improving balance and coordination, building upper body strength through swinging and climbing, and agility through running and jumping drills.  This program will prepare the students for the skills needed to be successful and grow within our other program offerings.


Tumbling Classes


Recreation Tumbling Classes (ages 5 and up):  This program is where the students begin their tumbling experience.  Starting with the age of 5, we offer beginner through advanced level classes.  Each class focuses on the basics of tumbling skills and technique.  Each level has a series of skills that must be accomplished for mobility to the next level. The skills developed in this class are foundational & fundamental to succeed in any current or future Gymnastics, Tumbling, Cheer, Dance or Martial Arts programs or competitions. The instructor will communicate with parents their child’s progress throughout the year.


Beginner & Recreational Gymnastics

Beginning Gymnastics students will learn body positions, movement patterns, and gymnastics related skills on the bar, beam, floor, and tumble trampoline in a progressive manner.  Students will improve focus and concentration as they work through the related skill development exercises.  Each class will challenge the students in a cooperative atmosphere where we applaud the effort, not just the outcome.

Specialized Clinics


We offer a variety of  specialized clinics throughout the year.  We will notify all existing members of the dates and times of each camp & clinic. See our "Events" Page.