Tiny Gymsters Classes

Tiny Gymster programs are designed to introduce the basic elements of gymnastics movements and body positions.  Each student will gain body awareness as they learn basic tumbling and gymnastics skills on the floor, bars, balance beams, and trampoline.  Each class will begin with a warm-up and stretch period followed by skills that focus on improving balance and coordination, building upper body strength through swinging and climbing, and agility through running and jumping drills.  This program will prepare the students for the skills needed to be successful and grow within our other program offerings.     





As an Academy we offer professional & progress oriented  training in all levels of recreational tumbling and gymnastics exercises. Specializing in technique, progressions, safety, and spotting. As such our class attendance is based on the capability and skill of every child and requires evaluation by our coaches. Therefore,we offer a free trial so that your child can be evaluated and placed in the proper class. Schedule your free trial today!


Professional Instruction designed by Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Johnson. 
Great for cheerleaders, gymnasts, martial arts, dance students…
Learn special skills and proper technique in a safe, positive and fun atmosphere!