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Scott Johnson’s Tumble and Gymnastics Academy is an exciting tumbling & gymnastics training program located in Central Florida. Our programs provide the perfect atmosphere for the development of young students in tumbling and gymnastics. Developed by Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic Team Captain

Scott Johnson, our programs are designed to provide the highest level of quality in training to each participating student. From beginners to advanced athletes, each program focuses on proper skill technique to ensure positive progression and safety.   Our philosophy in training young athletes is to build high self-esteem in a positive, friendly, and exciting environment.

About Our Program

Mission Statement

Scott Johnson’s tumbling program was specifically designed to offer specialized and unique training that cater to the needs of athletes of many different sport disciplines such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, martial arts and acrobatics. Our philosophies are based on quality, professionalism, and experience. Parents are looking for quality programs that offer a positive environment for their children, and our programs are designed to maximize student participation.

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