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Come join us for some fun, arts'n'crafts, jumps and of course gymnastics this summer for summer camp! We will offer a 3.5 hour summer camp from 9:30AM - 1:00 PM for two weeks in June and two weeks in July. We will offer Early Drop Off at 9:00 AM. Within the 3.5 hours the athletes will stretch, games, gymnastics, snack break, and enjoy all their friends. You DO NOT have to be a memeber to join us for the Summer FUN! The Summer Camp Days will be themed, you are welcome to dress up for the theme accordinly. Each week will be broken down to know the activities and themes for each day. 
We look forward to having a fun filled Summer Camp for the 2024 year!

Summer Camp at Scott Johnsons Apopka Location

Summer Camp Dates: 2024
June:  10th-14th & 17th-21st
July:  8th-12th & 15th-19th

Price: $185 per Week / $50 per Day
Time from 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Early Drop Off: $30 per Week / $6 per Day
Time from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 

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summer camp group 2023.jpg
summer camp stretch 2023.jpg

Summer Camp Week Breakdown
June 10th-14th:
* Mon. June 10th: Superhero Day
* Tue. June 11th: Circus Day
* Wed. June 12th: Pajama / Game Day
* Thurs. June 13th: Beach Day
* Fri. June 14th: Olympic USA Day

Summer Camp Week Breakdown
July 15th-19th:
* Mon. July 15th: Hawiiann Luau Day
* Tue. July 61th: Disney Day
* Wed. July 17th: Olympic USA Day
* Thurs. July 18th: Pajama / Game Day  
* Fri. July 19th: Winter in Summer

Summer Camp Week Breakdown
June 17th-21st:
* Mon. June 17th: Olympic USA Day
* Tue. June 18th: Hawiian Luau Day
* Wed. June 19th: Animal Kingdom Day
* Thurs. June 20th: Pajama / Game Day
* Fri. June 21st: Outer Space Day

Summer Camp Week Breakdown
July 8th-12th:
* Mon. July 8th: Candyland Day
* Tue. July 9th: Outer Space Day
* Wed. July 10th: Under The Sea Day
* Thurs. July 11th: Olympic USA Day
* Fri. July 12th: Pajama / Game Day

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